Record Assignment Notification

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Sugar can be configured to send Email Notifications to a user whenever another user assigns them a record. But in this article we are going to see how we can show notifications to users in the Sugar Notification Box on record assignment. We will use Leads,Contacts,Accounts and Opportunities module as our basis.

Adding a new Application Hook

We will create a new application logic hook which will get triggered when ever a new record is assigned to a user.

Step 1: Adding a new application hook


Step 2: Define notification hook class


Step 6: Quick Repair and Rebuild

Finally, you will need to run Quick Repair and Rebuild in order to build your new extensions.

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Does Company Culture Aid to CRM Success?

Maulik Shah's Blog

CRM is the modern business requirement! It is not possible every time that the implemented CRM works well. But, finding the potential causes and resolving them will surely help in bringing CRM system back on track. Company culture is one such factor that can be either hindrance to or the reason for CRM success. Be it the CRM platform efficiency or the way it is being adopted by the employees, Customer Relationship Management can make or break the brand identity. Let’s find out how!

Creating and retaining customer relations is as important as generating revenue. Enterprises managing better customer relationships focus on their needs and wants. Only an appropriate CRM solution will help building effective customer oriented business strategies and achieve desired outcomes.

CRM application development includes consideration of modern business requirements and the features for building effective marketing strategies.

What Does the Term Company Culture Mean?

The set of…

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Can Social CRM Strategies Optimize ROI?



The very first question stroked your mind after reading the title might be, can really a social CRM strategy get desired ROI from your business? Well the answer to this question lies in the details collected and mentioned below. It can regulate the business processes remarkably making them beneficial for business success. Building an impressive social business profile and managing it effectively is as essential as organizing related business activities.

Social media is the current trend. It not only helps people to connect and interact but also helps organizations to reach its customers and build a social identity to bridge the gap between buyers and seller. With social media, you can leverage multitude of benefits and features to build an effective public image. Understanding and figuring out the social needs will help your brand identity gain powerful social personality. This article illustrates the benefits that enterprise can get by social…

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Use These Powerful SugarCRM Integrations to Extend Your Marketing Reach, Improve Customer Satisfaction and Boost Revenue in 2015


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Last week, we highlighted three fast, simple integrations that can turn your sales team into a deal- closing powerhouse. Today, let’s focus on marketing and customer support and discuss how they, too, can amp up performance in the New Year. Here are three more tools designed to help your marketing teams improve customer support and increase both the volume and quality of leads.

Act-On: Boost Your Marketing

It’s no secret that salespeople crave more –more leads and more insight into the leads they already have. Fortunately, Act-On marketing automation software can help on both fronts. Act-On can make it easier for your marketing team to generate quality leads, and it seamlessly embeds into the Sugar UX, providing better visibility into lead history, behavior, etc. This integration with SugarCRM can be a huge advantage when your sales reps first reach out to qualified leads.

Gain more insight into lead flow and lead behavior by integrating Act-On directly into your Sugar instance. Gain more insight into lead flow and…

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Take a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

SugarCRM Blog

Note: The following is a guest post from Thomas Shields, Vice President, Marketing Program Delivery, BancVue.

An Empathic Challenge To Your Customer Journey!

All of us want to delight our customers, engage their interest and drive true customer loyalty. However, many of us are fighting an uphill battle and significant challenges stand in our way. The problem becomes particularly pronounced as we focus on growth.

The root cause lies in our perspective. There is a flaw in the way we conceptualize our customer and the value we bring them. shieldsWe almost always start by defining their journey by OUR milestones — simply because that is what we know. “We worked so hard on delivering the most brilliant, innovative product ever known to the industry. It truly defines perfection… why wouldn’t they want to hear about it right now?” Right?

The key to an effortless and truly graceful customer journey…

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Three Traits that make Sugar an Innovative, Award-winning CRM Platform


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SugarCRM Blog

Gartner recently named SugarCRM as a Visionary for the second straight year in its Magic Quadrant for Sales Force mobile_combinedAutomation. Sugar’s innovative mobile user experience, and flexible deployment options were cited as reasons for the continued strong ranking.

Also, SugarCRM took home five awards as part of CRM Magazine’s annual Market Leader Awards thanks to the innovative nature of the software, as well as the way it empowers novel CRM deployments – such as Redglaze Group’s CRM Elite winning deployment.

All this recent recognition got me thinking: what does it truly mean to be a visionary when it comes to CRM? I think, in Sugar’s case, it comes down to three key differentiating points:

Innovative User Experience: Sugar has long been focused on user empowerment – making CRM a mission-critical tool for customer-facing employees, and not a simple data capture mechanism. Sugar’s ubiquitous, intuitive experience across all mobile…

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